Recommended Prepaid SIM Card Options

Hong Kong only, 5 day visit or shorter: Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM 5-day by CSL

Local Data Usage: 1.5 GB
Local Voice Calls: Unlimited
csl Wi-Fi: Unlimited

Notice the unlimited wifi and voice calls. 1.5 GB of high-speed data should be plenty for 5 days, don’t download big files unless you’re on wifi. If you need more data, get the 8 day card with 5 GB allowance instead.


Hong Kong only, 8 days visit or shorter: Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM 8-day by CSL

Local Data Usage: 5.0 GB
Local Voice Calls: Unlimited
csl Wi-Fi: Unlimited

Same as above, but comes with 5 GB of high-speed data, awesome!


Hong Kong only, more than 8 days: 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card by China Mobile

$78 of useable credit loaded on card for data plans / voice calling. Local calls are cheap and data plan you can select to suit to your needs. Recommend using the unlimited 3G lite plan at $30 and keep renewing it every 10 days you’re in HK. Or if you’re very light on data usage, get the 1GB package at $148 which will last until your card expires.

5 days, 10 days, and up to 180 days data packages, you can keep refilling if you need more.

200MB – up to validity of prepaid SIM card: $50
1GB – up to validity of prepaid SIM card: $148
1.5GB- 5 days: $48
1GB – 10 days: $68
Unlimited 3G Lite – 10 days: $30


Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Macau: Greater China Data SIM Card

Unique in the fact you get free roaming through all four areas and data which you can top up.

1GB of data allowance without roaming fees.

Unfortunately no voice calling, however you can use Skype or another service when on Wi-Fi.


Hong Kong and MacauVoyage King by China Unicom

7 days unlimited data in HK and Macau, 1st 1GB high-speed, after slows to not less than 128kbps.

Unlimited voice calling in HK, and includes $30 for direct dial voice services to 14 countries.

Direct dialing Mainland China, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, United States, Canada, Philippines.



We carry a few cards which have roaming support. However, we don’t recommend roaming with a prepaid SIM, costs add up quickly unless it specifically supports that country.