Why order through HK SIM Card?

By ordering through us you can have the SIM card delivered straight to your door. No worrying about searching for a SIM card after you arrive, or being able to make phone calls and access the internet. All of it will be available as soon as you land and you can start calling before you get off the plane.

Currencies accepted?

We accept only US dollars on the website. It is the most accepted worldwide and easiest to process.

Which card is the best?

Of course there is no “best” card because everyone has different needs, however we sell only the most popular SIM cards available on our website.

What size SIM card do I need?

SIM cards are generally sold in two sizes; micro-SIM, and nano-SIM. Different brands of SIM cards are available in various SIM sizes, be sure to select the correct size when ordering. Usually you can determine the size just by the look:


Will my cell/mobile phone work?

Your phone must be unlocked for the SIM cards to work, it cannot be locked to any particular carrier. If it is locked, you can try to unlock it by calling your carrier and obtaining the unlock code, or many mobile phone stores in Hong Kong may also unlock it for a fee.

Also, your phone must support tri or quad-band GSM frequencies. Most everyone phone manufactured within the last 5 years is considered a “worldwide” phone.

How does SIM card stored-value work?

Each SIM card is preloaded with a certain amount of usable stored-value, this is denominated in Hong Kong Dollars or HKD. For example, if a card has $50 of stored-value, that means you can make phone calls, send text messages, access data, etc until the $50 credit is fully used up. The credit on the card may be different than the price of the card.

Can I add extra value to my SIM card?

You can add value to most of the SIM cards available. Often you can add credit online, or it is also easy to do once in Hong Kong. You can go to the local carrier’s retail store or even purchase extra recharge vouchers at many 7-11 or Circle K stores.

Do you accept currency aside from USD?

Currently, we price our SIM cards in US Dollars, which is easiest for most of our global customers. Your credit card company will convert the purchase to your local currency if it is not USD.

What payments do you accept?

We accept various credit cards, which are processed by our payment processor, Paypal. This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Payments declined by Paypal?

If your credit card is already associated with a PayPal account, you must sign into your PayPal account first to use it and process the order. You cannot process the order without signing into Paypal.

Why don’t you carry more products?

We only carry the most popular cards that our customers demand. We don’t want to inundate you with tons of choices, it’s hard enough as it is! Many cards are similar and these offer the best value / features combination.

More questions?

E-mail orders@hksimcard.com and we’ll answer you within 24 hours.