Singapore 7 Days Voice & Unlimited Data: China Unicom


Don’t worry about using your data plan while traveling to Singapore. This card offers up to 7 days of unlimited data during your visit!

Includes 20 mins of voice calling too.

Product Description

  •  7days unlimited Singapore data, and 20 mins voice (If called from Singapore to Singapore/Hong Kong/Mainland China)
Product Name Singapore 7 Days Data/Voice SIM
SIM Size

3-in-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Standard)

Validity Period The SIM card is valid for 7 days after activation Expiry Date: 31/12/2017
Coverage Singapore
Customer Service Hong Kong:2122 1188
Mainland China:130 6840 0177
Designated operator Singapore:StarHub

Hong Kong: 3HK

Please Read Before Use .The SIM card provides mobile data service in Singapore only–Unlimited data usage (Once your data usage in Singapore reaches “Fair Usage level” 200MB(calculation of data usage will be re-started from HK time 00:00 the next day), the upload/download speed would be restricted to 128kbps, and tethering and Peer-to-Peer services would not be available. Please refer to Fair Usage Policy of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited for details.)

.Customers need when enabled, to re-open the flow of data in order to use the 4G network for the first time


Voice In Singapore/Hong Kong
Making Calls(min) To Hong Kong/China/Singapore $2
other IDD(Not including satellite phones) $6
Receive Calls(min) Used HK no. to receive call $2
SMS In Singapore/Hong Kong
To other place $2
   This card has HK$40 stored value voice service for receiving calls or making outgoing calls to designated in Singapore/Hong Kong.


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