4G Data & Voice Hong Kong use only

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Cheap local HK calling and reasonable IDD rates by China Mobile HK.

Various data plans to choose from which fit your needs. You will receive a random +852 HK phone number.

Also good for extended stays in HK! For *Hong Kong use only* Does not support roaming outside of HK.


$78 Stored Value / 180 Days Validity from Activation

  1. Stored Value is used for deducting charges on local calls, and on various SMS, infotainment and download services, etc.
  2. Once this Prepaid SIM Card is activated, a $2 administration fee will be deducted immediately. Subsequent $2 administration fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically. And if the balance amount is insufficient, this Prepaid SIM Card will be suspended without prior notice. Customer must refill the card to re-activate the service.
  1. Every time your Prepaid SIM Card is refilled, the stored value validity period will be automatically extended starting from the date of refill. If the original validity period is longer, then the original validity period will prevail.
  2. Refill under $50 via service plan account will automatically extend the stored value validity period to 63 days.
  3. The minimum refill amount via PPS is $30.
  4. Get extra $30 stored value upon refilling by $180 Electronic Refill Voucher. (The above 10% extra stored value offer does not apply in conjunction with this offer.)
Services & Charges
Services Charges
Local Airtime Charge 24-hr Flat Rate: $0.1/min
Buddy Package8

  • Local Airtime
$10/30 days

  • $0.03/min  (You can nominate a maximum of 3 local fixed line or mobile numbers for the service.)
IDD Call Tariff 19

  • Designated country/destinations
IDD Call Tariff  $0.18/min up (6-second per unit basis)
+ local airtime charge (per minute basis)
International Call Forward International Call Forward Tariff
Short Message Service7

  • Local Intra-network SMS
  • Local Inter-network SMS
  • International SMS to China
  • International SMS
  • Intra-network SMS Package8,9,10

  • $0.1/SMS
  • $0.7/SMS
  • $0.5/SMS
  • $1.8/SMS
  • $8/30 days (with 3,000 Local Intra-network SMS)
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)7

  • Send MMS
  • Surcharge on sending International MMS

  • $0.5/SMS
  • $3/SMS
Calling Number Display Free
Missed Call Alert Free
Call Forwarding Service8 $15/30 days
Voice & Fax Mailbox8

Retrieve voice message

  • Dial 218 via your handset
  • Dial 92089218 via other phone

Print fax message

  • Dial 92089218 via a fax machine
 $5/30 days


  • Based on local airtime charge
  • Free


  • Free
Call Waiting & Call Hold Service11 Free
Conference Call Service12 Free
Quote Express $0.2/quote
4G/3G Local Data Service13,15,16,24
 $0.5/MB(Daily Capped at $2814)


 4G/3G Local Data Package13,15,24

  • 200MB17
  • 1GB17
  • 1.5GB(5 days)18
  • 1GB Local Data Package
    (Maximum local data access speed reaches up to 14.4Mbps.)15,20,21,22,23,24,26
  • 3G Lite Data Package^,23,24,25,26
    ^Maximum local data access speed will be reached up to 384kbps.Tethering and P2P application (incl. BT) will not be supported. It’s only applicable to handset use, but not device with screen over7″.

  • $50
  • $148
  • $48


  • $68/10 days


  • $30/10 days
Download Services Charges counted on a per unit basis
(please refer to related web page)
#333Connecting Tone8

  • Download
$15/30 days

  • $5/ download

2 reviews for 4G Data & Voice Hong Kong use only

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Getting the card in advance was great. I was able to get online moments after touching down, no trouble. Big fan!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tee (verified owner)

    Great service. I got my card in the mail within a week.

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